COVID19 has been a game-changer in the fight against pandemics. With their services, they have raised awareness about the dangers of an outbreak and how it impacts society on all levels. Clean Guard took note of this and decided to approach other walks of life with their offerings so that humanity as well as nature can benefit from them.

7 ways to improve your air quality and save money on utilities with affordable, eco-friendly products.

The following is a list of seven ways to improve your air quality and save money on utilities:

  1. Use natural light instead of electric lights for daily tasks.
  2. Replace traditional carpeting with hardwood or bamboo flooring.
  3. Open windows in the house as often as possible when it’s cool outside.
  4. Consider using a humidifier during dry winter months or use a vaporizer during the summertime.
  5. Use fans when out of doors to keep humidity levels high inside the home.
  6. Seal off any cracks in wallboard which allows dust mites access into the home from outdoors.
  7. Invest in a Ionic Air Purifier to help.

BONUS: Other ways to improve your air quality and save money on utilities

1. Replace old appliances like furnaces with new, more efficient ones.
2. Install a programmable thermostat that can automatically adjust the home’s temperature throughout the day in response to weather changes or usage patterns
3. Seal cracks and gaps in walls for improved insulation
4. Clean filters regularly on air conditioners to make sure they are working properly
5. Be mindful of when you’re using heat sources- some items may need powering down while others are turned off permanently during periods of use, such as an electric blanket or space heater
6. Use sealed plastic bags instead of scented candles to create a comfortable scent in your home.