Clean Guard UK is an established company working with companies within all walks of life from the Care Sector to Early years of learning including our homes we live in.

Clean Guard UK has combinded over 30 years of experience providing high quality Professional Infection Control equipment for homes and businesses alike. We are committed to excellence in our work, which is sure to impress potential clients.

The Clean Guard UK team have a wealth of skills and experience that enable them to offer you the highest-quality service and can carry out any task you need with minimal fuss or disruption to your work environment.

Clean Guard UK has been providing services, but their desire is to make places safer for everyone. They want to help you live a life that’s free of cross infection and contamination hazards, so they provide a variety of sustainable solutions to reduce these risks.

Clean Guard’s innovative, industry-leading technology provides the NHS and private care with a wide range of decontamination and air purification systems that are designed to be used in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, hotels and commercial buildings.

Clean Guard has been working within the UK supporting the NHS and Private Care through offering decontamination and Air Purification systems. Clean Guard works alongside its sister company Nursing And Hygiene Maintenance who is a technological engineering company within the care sector.

COVID19 has been a game-changer in the fight against pandemics. With their services, they have raised awareness about the dangers of an outbreak and how it impacts society on all levels. Clean Guard took note of this and decided to approach other walks of life with their offerings so that humanity as well as nature can benefit from them.

COVID19 has pioneered a new, more sustainable way to help us curb the spread of pandemics. It’s called Clean Guard and it helps people with physical disabilities to live independently for longer periods of time by offering mobility solutions that are designed for use in different modes of transportation.

Distributors of Professional Infection Control equipment