Teqair 450 – Ionic Air Purifier

£549.00 ex. VAT.

TeqAir ionic air purifier

Natural, silent, efficient air purificiation

Removes viruses and bacteria from the air

No filter. No ongoing costs

Eliminates 99% of airborne particles and germs including

Fine particles

Viruses & bacteria


Pet allergens



Breathe mountain fresh air at home

Ever wondered why the air feels so fresh and clean out in nature? That’s because natural objects like mountains, trees and waterfalls all emit ions into the air.

These ions clean and purify the air in a totally natural way and give the fresh air feeling that you can only experience in nature, until now!

ThermoSphere TeqAir ionic air purifiers mimic nature to recreate natural ion production and work as natural air cleansers inside your home.

Eco-friendly air purification

Treatment of ultra-fine particles

Energy saving


Continous air purification

Completely silent


Is indoor air really that bad for you?

Yes it is! If you don’t have an air purifier, indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. In fact, poor indoor air quality is responsible for a staggering 100,000 deaths in Europe every year.

So what causes such poor quality air in our homes and work places? Trapped fumes from traffic and industry, emissions from gas hobs and boilers, pets, humans, pollen and even scented candles!

Cleaning up the air in your home atmosphere helps to alleviate asthma and allergy symptoms, prevent respiratory irritation and stop viral and bacterial infections in their tracks!

How does it work?

ThermoSphere ionic air purifiers naturally and silently purify indoor air eliminating all airborne viruses, germs and ultra-fine particles down to 0.01 micrometers.

Proven to reduce the concentration of micro-droplets in the air (including coronavirus sized particles).

Clears particles and pathogens from the air

Fills the air with harmless electrons

ThermoSphere Ionic Air Purifiers produce a high density of electrons (negatively charged ions) and emit them into the air.

Electrons bond to pathogens in mid air

The ions are rapidly attracted to the particles in the air (which are positively charged) and then neutralise and polarise them.

Pathogens drop out of the air

Once polarised, the particles attract more electrons until the harmless electric charge is so great that they drop to the floor by gravity.

Cleanse your living spaces and protect your family

Clean air is the first step toward maintaining a healthy home for your family, especially if you have asthma and allergy sufferers in the house.

A small, silent and efficient ionic air purifier in the bedrooms, living room and home office will keep the air fresh, clean and free from bacteria and viruses.

Removes viruses and bacteria

ThermoSphere ionic air purification technology can be used to help remove particles from the air that could otherwise cause infection.

Coronaviruses are largely transmitted by a direct cough or sneeze from an infected person, but the micro-droplets can linger in the air. An ionic air purifier will neutralise and remove bacteria and viruses from the air, sanitising the air that you breathe.

Protect your workforce with fresh, clean air

The quality of the air we breathe at work affects both our wellbeing and productivity. Purify the air in your workspace with a ThermoSphere ionic air purifier.

Benefit from a reduction in sickness leave caused by common colds and take comfort in the knowledge that you are helping your team to be the best they can be!


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