Hygiene in Care homes and Hospitals

With high levels of close interaction between residents and members of staff and the sharing of resources, care homes are susceptible to the risk of cross-contamination.

Pathogens can spread easily to other residents and cause outbreaks in any care setting, while visitors could inadvertently introduce new pathogens to the environment, thereby increasing the risk of infection.

A simple, consistent and effective approach to infection prevention and control is required. Clean Guard Uk provides integrated Hygiene solutions that safeguard the health and wellbeing of residents and staff in care homes. Our award-winning range of products for hand hygiene, cubicle hygiene, air care will protect staff and the residents they care for.

Cleanliness is crucial in care homes, but there are many hotspots that can increase the spread of germs, such as door handles, furniture, shared equipment, bathrooms and communal areas. For residents with increased susceptibility to infections due to old age, weak immune systems and underlying health issues, combating the spread of germs is vital.

A cleaning regime and sterilisation of equipment, surfaces and floors are essential. We can help implement proper hand hygiene practices for staff, residents and visitors and introduce necessary measures to reduce exposure to pathogens in communal areas and across your facility.

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