Hygiene in the Education sector

As educational establishments have re-opened their doors after lockdown, the priority is to keep students and staff safe and healthy while providing the best-quality learning and development.

Large numbers of users, close contact between staff and students, and interactive learning and play mean germs can spread easily and quickly and lead to viral infections.

The provision of adequate facilities in educational environments is a basic requirement and includes the prevention and spread of infection, but maintaining the right standards of hygiene during peak periods when footfall is high can be difficult.

Hygiene is important for parents, too, as the quality of hygiene provision in schools is one of the key criteria that influence prospective parents.

Clean Guard UK’s range of products can help to ensure education providers reduce the risk of infections and encourage high standards of hygiene in staff and students. Teaching children to understand the importance of hygiene is an essential part of their education. With their less developed immune systems, infections are more easily caught. Take a look at our teachers toolkit for guidance on how to help prevent the spread of germs and build hygiene awareness.

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